Gad Elbaz and Alex Clare

Born Entertainment Presents

03/10/2019 Sunday, 3:30 pm @ Master Theater

03/10/2019 Sunday, 7:30 pm @ Master Theater

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Gad Elbaz & Alex Clare Perform Together in Concert of The Year in Brooklyn March 10th

Brooklyn, NY, February 19, 2019 — Born Entertainment is presenting the first-ever joint concert between Israeli singing superstar Gad Elbaz and international music sensation Alex Clare in two shows, on Sunday, March 10th at the Master Theater in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Gad Elbaz is one of the most recognized names and faces in Jewish music worldwide. With millions of viewers of his YouTube videos and hundreds of live performances, Gad’s songs are known and played globally. Through his soulful and contemporary sound, Gad has brought Jewish music to a new level, and he is a role model to his enthusiastic fan base. Alex Clare is a Jewish British singer and songwriter with a wide crossover appeal. His biggest hit from the album, "Too Close", hit in the top 10 on the UK singles chart and the US Billboard Hot 100. Alex became an observant orthodox Jew, and as a Baal Teshuvah, he has integrated Jewish themes into his music. His latest release, “Three Days at Greenmount,” is a a soul-searching acoustic album recorded in Leeds, England. Bringing these two world-class singers together for a US audience, has created what Producer/ Director Zvika Bornstein calls “The Concert of the Year.” The singers will perform separately and together in English and Hebrew. This family-friendly entertainment will be hosted by funnyman Modi and will include guest performers Chaim Shlomo Maysz, Dovid Pearlman and Shea Rubinstein, featuring Achim Choir and The Born dancers, in a thrilling stage show full of color and exuberance, making it the perfect pre-Purim even