"1001 Nights" Restaurant

"1001 Nights" invites the Master Theater patrons to come in, where dining is memorable and entertainment is plentiful.


Those who are not acquainted with the folklore of "1001 Nights" and the history behind these wonderful tales, well, you'll just have to stop by our charming "new" New York restaurant for an evening you'll never forget. This is a place where thou shall feast until fullness prevails and where full glasses lift in celebration!


"1001 Nights", a place for those with a palatable taste for adventure and excellent Middle Eastern seafood, grilled fish, pilaf, shish-kebab and tasty tales in a cultured and relaxing atmosphere.


We shall celebrate the jovialities of sumptuous feast to greet companions and neighbors from nearby and afar. In a spirit of dancing and jingling, many a tale will be told over the swaying hips of belly dancers and the sharing of the hookah. Unique mystical moments await...


"1001 Nights" Restaurant now offers


10% discount to the Master Theater patrons

Proof of ticket purchase is necessary.