The Warriors

09/15/2016 Thursday, 6:00 pm @ Master Theater
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The Master Theater (Millennium Theater) The stage is set as the Cast and Crew Come Home To Coney Island. In 1979 the Millennium Theater was the ORIGINAL Theater that screened our beloved Warriors. This is a true Home Coming and we want you there to welcome The Warriors Home. 
Roger Hill (Posthumous)
Roger Hill played the role of Cyrus in the 1979 film The Warriors. He also portrayed the character of Lil John in the 1974 film The Education of Sonny Carson, and took on the role of Ernest Clay in the 1976 TV Movie Hazzard's People starring John Houseman. After his work in The Warriors, Hill performed in the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live playing the part of Alex Lowndes from 1983-1984
A Special Tribute by Michael Beck and The Warriors. 
Spend an evening enthralled with some of the behind the scenes stories from the Director himself.
Join the Q&A. 
That's right. We will be setting the stage so you can interact with the Guests on stage.
The Cast will be preforming scenes from the cult classic with a special monologue by Christopher Hill (Son of Cyrus Roger Hill)